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You Know He Getting Fired: Forklift Driver Accidentally Dropped An Oven Onto The Hood Of A Parked Ferrari F8 Tributo!

Blueprint Marketing Group | May 8, 2023


A forklift driver in China had a day to forget when he accidentally dropped an oven onto the hood of a parked Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Pictures and video footage emerged online, showing a professional oven resting on the hood of the Italian supercar. Although the extent of the damage is unknown, it’s likely that the hood and front bumper will require repair work.

The incident is believed to have occurred when the forklift driver was attempting to drive around the front of the parked supercar, and his load became unbalanced.

While forklift accidents are not uncommon, this mishap is particularly embarrassing given the expensive vehicle involved. Posted by PSmooth


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