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Wildin: Angry Activists Jump On Subway Tracks In NYC, And Start Brawls With Police In Protest Over Death Of Jordan Neely By Ex-Marine!

Blueprint Marketing Group | May 7, 2023


Protestors brought part of the New York City subway system in Manhattan to a halt by venturing out onto the tracks as they expressed anger over Jordan Neely’s death by chokehold by a US Marine earlier this week.

Photos and videos show the protest group taking control of the Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street subway stop on the Upper East Side, bringing trains to a complete standstill.

Several individuals even went out onto the tracks close to the electrified third rail preventing train from entering or departing the station.

Protestors marched from downtown all the way up to the Upper East Side before they went down into the subway system to stop the trains themselves.

It led to the complete shutdown of the station for the best part of an hour with the NYPD arresting at least 15 people. Posted By Ghost


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