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Popular 24-Year-Old TikTok Influencer AKA “Narco Queen” Was Fatally Shot In Chile.. She Was A Well Known Drug Trafficker! (Eng Subtitles)

Blueprint Marketing Group | October 26, 2023


“Sabrina was reportedly approached by a group of people while she was at the intersection of Alberto Blest Ganna and Primera Transversal, Chile.

They allegedly took her car and attacked her by shooting her seven times. The officers were quick to arrive at the scene and Sabrina was transferred to Sapu Santa Rosa hospital. She was pronounced dead shortly after. Since her murder this Tuesday, the comments on the video are a rosary of farewells and good wishes to Joakina Gusman, the young woman’s username, in an obvious nod to Joaquín Guzman, better known as El Chapo , leader of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. . And Durán was not only a tiktoker . She also trafficked drugs, a crime for which she was in jail between March 2022 and last May. Her bars did not prevent her from continuing to share her urban-reggaeton dances and songs on social networks and thus defend the nickname of The Narco Queen of Peñaflor, the town where the illicit gang she led operated.

The youngest of nine siblings and mother of a 10-year-old boy, Ina, as those close to her called her, grew up in a home where drugs lived and from her early adolescence she had ties to the business, according to court documents cited by local media. The case of Durán, with his age, his jewelry, his 450,000 followers, exemplifies how the tentacles of drug trafficking have conquered new terrain and have changed the culture of a sector of society, in a rather recent phenomenon that has only occurred in the last decade. has intensified. The sociologist Rodrigo Ganter, author of Narcoculture and signs of transborderization in Santiago de Chile (2016), highlights that in recent times, narco “not only goes beyond the borders between countries, but also goes beyond the strictly economic, criminal or subsistence aspects.” and social mobility for certain precarious segments, becoming a sign that organizes the tastes, aesthetics, references and aspirations of certain social segments.”” – Chile News | Posted by Thrillz


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