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Monkey gangs overtake Thailand tourist town

Blueprint Marketing Group | March 29, 2024

Monkey gangs overtake Thailand tourist town

When Thailand comes to mind, most people think of Bangkok. In addition, they think of the beautiful beaches of the nation. However, most people don’t think about monkeys. For those people who are actually trying to visit those Thailand beaches have to not just think about monkeys, they should be worried. There are actual monkeys that have organized into gangs, taking over those tourism destinations.

The relationship between monkeys and humans is very complex. Genetically, humans are closely related to all species of monkeys. However, the intelligence levels of those species can vary. This species of monkeys has a relatively high level of intelligence. After all, they have organized themselves into various gangs. One of the tougher gangs has a leader and they are making life absolutely miserable for the people trying to enjoy the area.

In Thailand, there are various tourism areas that are being ravaged by gangs of monkeys. As a result, the local police officers have had to use tranquilizer darts in order to sedate and remove the monkeys. The monkeys have grown wise to this and they know how to spot officers who have tranquilizers on them. So, this has led to the cops having to cover their tranquilizers and their faces. However, the cops were able to capture the leader of the primary monkey gang.


Monkey gangs overtake Thailand tourist town

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