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Crazy Turn Of Events: Convicted Murderer Freed By Innocence Project & Awarded 4 Million Dollars Becomes Drug Dealer & Murders Man Who Owed Him Money!

Blueprint Marketing Group | May 25, 2023


Shaurn Thomas, a black man who was freed for murder in Philadelphia by the Innocence Project and given $4 million in restitution by the state, allegedly became a drug dealer upon release, killed a man for owing him a $1,200 drug debt and told his accomplice it was his “third” homicide.

Shaurn Thomas was a millionaire, but prosecutors say he killed a man over a $1,200 drug debt.

Thomas was paid more than $4 million three years ago after spending 24 years behind bars for a murder conviction that was later overturned.

And yet, a witness said in court Monday, he fatally shot a man on a North Philadelphia street corner earlier this year over the comparatively paltry sum.

The video above was recorded after his release. Posted by JR


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