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Are You Here For It?! Nick Cannon Customized His Blue Impala With A Nipsey Hussle Tribute

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty

As the one year anniversary of Nipsey Hussle’s untimely passing came and went, fans around the world paid their respects for the rapper, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Celebrities who knew the rapper well–along with those who never got the chance to meet him–posted about their favorite memories with Nip, driving home just how much of an impact he had on so many people.

One person who definitely appreciated Hussle and his movement is Nick Cannon, who promised to carry on where Nipsey left off following his murder. Now, one year later, the Masked Singer host is letting everyone know that The Marathon is still on his mind as he pays tribute to Nip in a big way.

According to reports from TMZ, Cannon recently got his 1964 SS Impala’s trunk repainted with a custom tribute to the late rapper. The multi-hyphenate commissioned Jr’s Kustoms to do the airbrush paint job about 2 months ago, most likely in anticipation of the anniversary of his passing. The publ..


Poor Thang: Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Didn’t Let Her Speak To His Parents ‘I Was In The Dark’

big ralph | April 2, 2020

What. a. mess.

Source: Nicky Nelson/ / WENN

Although a number of people think her impending divorce is “karma” for some of her actions, Kenya Moore is sharing shocking details about her marriage that might change your mind. In a sneak peek of Sunday’s RHOA episode Kenya expressed frustration about Marc Daly shutting her out of his life.

According to Kenya, Marc can’t converse with her without yelling. Mind you, Kenya previously said that Marc BLEW UP on her during an Uber ride home from a charity event. Marc told Kenya she “ruined his night” and he “never wanted her to come.” Things got so heated that the driver ordered him out of the car and the next day Marc announced that he was filing for divorce. Kenya then followed up with a divorce announcement of her own.

“I want to be happy too and I could have been happy in my marriage if I felt like Marc was in it to be happy as well. One of my issues with him is not being able to just have a conversation without yelling or anger..


Isn’t That Rich? O.J. Simpson Says He Knows Without A “Shred Of Doubt” That Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: JOHN LOCHER / Getty

With everyone stuck inside during this nationwide quarantine, one thing that has occupied the minds of many during this time is Netflix’s latest phenomenon, Tiger King. Beside us regular folk going crazy for the docuseries, celebrities have also jumped on board, which now includes the viewership of none other than O.J. Simpson.

On Wednesday, Simpson took to Twitter to post a video about the series, jumping into one of the most popular conversations surrounding one of the series’ storylines. In the footage, O.J. claims there is “not a shred of doubt” in his mind that Carole Baskin killed her husband.

“I watched about six episodes of this show and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at,” he said in the clip. “One thing I will say, there’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that that lady’s husband is tiger sashimi right now. I’m just saying.”

Tiger Sashimi #TigerKing

— O.J. Simpson (@TheRealOJ32) April 1, 2020

In August of 1997,..


Dear Uncle Snoop: A Gallery Of Times Ari Lennox KILLED It With Her Natural Hair

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: NBC / Getty

On Wednesday, Ari Lennox posted a harmless and funny video about what it was like to wrestle with a sew-in and how it can get really difficult. It was one of her classically funny clips she’s known for. Snoop, for some reason, responded with “Grow your own hair. What happened to those days?”

She responded by posting a pic of Snoop in his blonde wig and the caption “”Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…” The irony of all of this is that a few months ago they were all on the same page. Snoop was trashing Gayle King for her questions about Kobe and Ari responded with this rant going after “Okra and Kale”:

“Listen, this is about to get real toxic, and I don’t give a f—k if I get cancelled forever,” Lennox began. “F–k Gayle and F–k Oprah. Y’all are some self-hating pieces of s–t f–k a–es. “You want to spend the rest of your days tearing down Black people? Build us up, help us! I’m not here for anybody tearing down that legendary man.”

Now they are at ..


R. Kelly Now Claims He Can’t Mount Defense From Jail; Pleads To Be Let Out On Bail (Exclusive)

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

R. Kelly is throwing everything he can at his bid to get out of jail while he awaits trial on a litany of sex abuse charges.

Kelly has already pleaded with the judge to let him out because he says his Chicago jail is a filthy breeding ground for COVID-19. However, the feds said that the jail has taken special measures to protect detainees – including barring visitors – to stem any possible facility-wide infection.

Now, R. Kelly’s lawyers just filed more court papers yesterday claiming there was no way he could mount his defense for his anticipated July 2020 trial because he could no longer visit with his lawyers privately. He said he simply cannot work with his legal team over the recorded phone lines, and his lawyers are worried about their own health if they were to come to jail.

Kelly said there were just two telephones on his floor for some 500 inmates, and he can’t always carve out phone time with his lawyers with so many other detainees needing..


“Stop Trying To Start Fake Beef”: Megan Thee Stallion Denies Liking Shady Cardi B Comments

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Megan Thee Stallion has always been very vocal about the fact that she’s not here for dissing any of the female talent around her, showing love to anyone and everyone she can along the way. Now, the rapper is making sure her fans know that she would never do anything sneaky to insinuate she doesn’t like her competition.

On Wednesday, Meg ended up addressing accusations that she was liking comments on her YouTube page that poke fun at Cardi B. When fans sent her screenshots of the shady comments along with a like from Megan’s official account, the rapper pointed the finger at her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, saying they’re the ones who have access to her channel in order to upload all of her content.

“I did not like no damn stupid a** comment like this,” Thee Stallion replied to a fan. “I don’t even upload my own s**t to my YouTube my label does. I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANYBODY. I don’t like drama I do not bring other females down stop trying..


It’s Not A Hoax: 1,040 People Died Yesterday In America From Coronavirus, Doubles Worst Day Of Lung Cancer And Flu

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: AHMAD GHARABLI / Getty

1,000 fathers, mothers, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents died in America yesterday because of coronavirus. According to USAToday, that number doubles the worst daily death rate of both lung cancer and the common flu.

This is NOT a hoax. COVID-19 doesn’t give a damn about you, your family, and damn sure doesn’t give a flying f**k about Donald Trump. This is not a hoax. Johns Hopkins coronavirus database includes information from the WHO, the U.S. CDC, the European CDC, and the National Health Commission of China, by those counts, it is said that the United States counted exactly 1,040 lives lost. That number brings the U.S. total to 5,116 since coronavirus hit our shores in January, the total number of infected is over 215,000. The biggest number of deaths prior to yesterday was just two days ago on Tuesday when 504 people died.

This is not a hoax.

Some medical professionals and scientists believe that in..


GA Governor Brian Kemp Announces Statewide Shelter-In-Place, Closes K-12 For Rest Of School Year

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Welp, here it is.

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

After weeks of delay, the vote stealing Governor of Georgia is announcing new STRICT regulations to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The entire state of Georgia will now have a shelter-in-place order said Gov. Brian Kemp during a Tuesday press conference. The Governor will sign the order on Thursday and it will go into effect on Friday.

“I want to encourage my fellow Georgians to hang in there. I know you’re tired of this but we must first overcome the obstacles in our path,” Kemp said.

The governor said he came to the decision after receiving “game-changing” new information released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Exceptions will be made for grocery stores, medical supplies and certain manufacturing. but non-essential businesses will remain closed. Essential employees will have to show proof via paperwork that they can galvanize the streets.
Additionally, all schools will close for the remainder of the school ye..


These Affordable Alternative To Beats Cost Half The Price

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Headphones are essential — leave your headphones at home and it’s like you left a piece of your soul behind. When it comes to the wireless headphone game, your only options aren’t AirPods or Beats. You can get the same quality and look of Beats that would make Dr. Dre do a double-take at a fraction of the price. These noise-canceling Audio-Technica Wireless Headphones are 40 percent off, and they’re the perfect escape from your roommates who know how to talk.

Whether you’re looking to zone out to The Weeknd’s latest album or another episode of “Small Doses” without life interrupting you, these headphones completely eliminate the world around you. In both wired and wireless modes, these headphones connect to all your tech like smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

For anyone that’s a little technologically impaired, you can pair your device with the Audio-Technica Wireless Headphones by bringing your device within an inch of the headphones.

The headphones stay charged for 30 hours o..


Get Well: Idris Elba Updates Fans On He And His Wife Sabrina’s Condition After Contracting Coronavirus

big ralph | April 2, 2020

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

People lost their muthaf***in’ minds when Idris Elba pressed “send” on a social media video announcing that he had indeed contracted coronavirus.

It had been about a week since we heard from Elba and his wife Sabrina about their condition but yesterday evening the couple update us on how they were feeling via Twitter.

“We’re both doing ok. Still asymptomatic and we’ve passed the quarantine period but we’re a little bit stuck in limbo. We can’t get a flight back home so we just have to sit still for a little bit. But other than that, we’re OK and we’re so thankful for that. I think the worst of it is probably past.”

Idris was in the process of shooting a film in New Mexico when he found out that he had been infected with COVID-19 and immediately took refuge at home.

Press play below to see and hear everything Idris had to say about dealing with this disease.

My peeps..

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) March 31, 2020

Get well! Stay..

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